Published on 24th April 2020

My name is sister Delvina and I am a GYLF ambassador in Norway and this is my testimony.  


One morning after our GYLF Connect meeting where we had several sessions of prayer, I wanted to rest a little, as I was about to sleep, a voice spoke to me and said: "If you sleep right now you will never wake up again". My heart started beating very fasr and I became very afraid. I asked myself what was going on because this was the first time I am experiencing such with this intensity.


 I  couldn't sleep anymore but started speaking forth God's word. The voice kept saying so many terrible things to me, such as" just kill yourself. Nobody loves you anymore. Your mum, your dad and your sibling don't care for you anymore. You should just end your life by jumping from your balcony". The more the voice spoke, the more I spoke God's word and spoke in other tongues.  After a while, the voice left. 


I couldn't imagine not knowing what to do if I didn't know God's word, i might have yielded to the voice. I really want to thank our dear man of God for the deposit of the word of God in me and the GYLF for the training to know what to do in such times. 


If you have ever had suicidal thoughts, always remember you are the apple of God's eyes and  you are very Special to Him. Jesus loves you and He cares deeply for you.