Love Outreach In London

Published on 25th February 2020

GYLF Ambassadors in the United Kingdom stormed different locations at the same time in different teams to express God's liquid love to the homeless and tell them how much God cares about them. They choosed the homeless because  they are hardly ever shown love, and most of them have lost hope on the society, even on God  and they barely depend on the little they get from begging for survival. This was an extremely great opportunity to remind them that God loves them and He hasn't forgotten about them and their situation doesn't stop God from loving them.


They went with beautiful gifts in a gift bag. Each gift bag contained the Word of God our Messenger Angel, sweet treats, some chocolates, love notes (with scriptural verses of love from the Bible), and little heart shapes and in some cases they gave out money. 


As they started sharing the word with them, they were very receptive and happy to receive the word of God with Joy and gladness.