GYLF Impacts Macedonia with the Gospel

Published on 27th January 2020

Macedonia, an historic country referenced in scriptures is been saturated with the vision and mision of the Global Youth Leaders' Forum just as Apostle Paul was summoned by the vision of the "man of Macedonia" to preach the Gospel there in Acts 16:9.


Ambassador Joan Agyeman from the United Kingdom journeyed on a special mission trip to collaborate with other ambassadors to reach more youths for the kingdom of God. They held a special outreach program in the city of Kumanovo where she encouraged the youths to dream big and believe in their future irrespective of the economic situation in the country. Sharing from Jeremiah 1:5, she urged them to trust in God with whole hearted devotion.


Amb.Joan completed her mission trip in Kumanovo by strategizing with them to penetrate more cities and to organise a mega conference that will bring youths from every city.


The agenda of the GYLF is spreading fast in Macedonia and we cannot be stopped because we have been licensed to spread into every nation.


To sponsor the GYLF Illuminating Your World Conference in Macedonia, please call +2348025013854, +2348033882790